Supawash, a specialised car care brand

Supawash is a specialised car care brand. What makes Supawash unique? Not only do we have 6 years of experience, we are also car enthusiasts at heart.

Ace is the leader of Supawash. With a father in the exclusive German vehicle industry, Ace was raised around a variety of trucks and cars. When he was younger, he would follow his older brother around, who would be taking all sorts of mechanical and electrical items apart. From a young age, Ace was viewed the world from the perspective of vehicles.  At the age of 17, Ace built up a Nissan Hardbody. His love for bakkies soon transcended to his Nissan Navara and his Chevrolet bakkie. You can still see his army green Chevrolet bakkie parked at Supawash occasionally.

In 2013, Ace and his sister stumbled upon Xclusive Touch. This is where Supawash is situated now. Although we might refer to the location at this time, as Xlusive Touch, there was absolutely nothing exclusive about the carwash or the location. It was severely dilapidated. This carwash had no specialist equipment. The only equipment available was retail equipment that any normal person would find in a Builders. It was in such a low state, that no one wanted to buy this business. Ace, however, saw an opportunity. Where most people only saw the dilapidated state of the location and business, Ace saw a place where car enthusiasts would gather. He saw a location where vehicle owners would feel comfortable to hand over their vehicles and trust in a quality service.

Supawash was born. It took a few years, but Ace was able to transform the location into a car enthusiasts’ dream. With the latest cleaning machinery, premium products, and a positive attitude, Ace is now able to offer the best carwashes and valet in Randburg.

With the 3 qualities of QUALITY, DEDICATION and EFFICIENCY, Supawash provides the specialist car care that you need in your life.

Come give us a visit at 36 Knoppiesdoring Street, Randpark Ridge. We would love to get to know you and your car.