Theft at carwash centres

Theft at carwash centres – how to prohibit it from happening?

We’ve heard it all over the years. If you can think it, it has likely happened to one of our customers. From people claiming that a box of iPad has been stolen from a vehicle at a carwash centre, to someone claiming that an engine blew from a carwash at a carwash centre.

Unfortunately, these types of situations are likely to happen, as carwash centres deal with multiple strangers on a daily basis.

However, how do you know that your vehicle and personal belongings in your vehicle are safe when taking it to a carwash centre?

We have some tips for you.

From years of experience we have been able to refine safety for your vehicle and your personal belongings.

  1. A carwash that monitors vehicles through cameras is always recommended:

Let’s face it. We live in South Africa. It can be dangerous place. Therefore, we ensure that our location is as safe as possible. One of our solutions has been to monitor vehicles. We have camera footage. If you are ever in doubt whether your car can be safe at our carwash centre, do not hesitate.

  1. Does your carwash centre have business insurance?

We run our business seriously. In the event that any damages or losses happen, we can ensure the replacement of your goods.

  1. Does your carwash centre have terms and conditions?

A serious business, always takes itself seriously. Does your carwash centre have a terms and conditions? Are these terms easily readable, or listed in fine script that you will never be able to find? Make sure that your carwash centre has a reasonable terms and conditions.

  1. Is the manager demanding that you remove personal belongings?

Again, let’s face it. Not everyone is South Africa is able to afford nice things and theft does happen. Although we always suggest that you remove personal items of high value, we don’t expect you to remove every single item from your vehicle. It is only natural to leave your parking money, or laptop in your boot. Our team is our family, and we train them efficiently. We trust them. A manager that strongly insists on the removal of ALL personal belongings, can be intimidating and make one fearful to leave anything behind. It leaves a bad taste Generally, we find that a manager who insists so strongly on the removal of all items, might be experiencing problems with theft. As such, our recommendation is to remove items of high value, like heaps of cash and small items of high value like expensive watches or USB drives.

  1. Look out for reviews and testimonials:

Carwash centres who do not experience theft tends to have great reviews and testimonials. Do your homework. If a carwash centre has a good trustworthy reputation, then you will find mostly positive reviews on Facebook or Google.

We ensure that you are able to comfortably leave your vehicle with us. Through quality and dedication, we are able to secure your car and execute a phenomenal theft-free service. Come visit us for your trustworthy car care – you will not be disappointed.